Companies handed cybersecurity to their employees / Photo by George Becker from Pexels

Take a moment and imagine… Imagine a company letting their employees make their own keys to access the company building, elevators, floors, doors, data rooms… Imagine employees using the same or similar keys that they themselves created for all of those places. Imagine them formulating and applying their own safety…

What cybersecurity can learn from microbiology

Viruses spread faster when people are in the same room without social distancing and masks / Photo by Harrison Haines

A gloomy year

2020 will be remembered as a gloomy year. As fate would have it, the world suffered the worst viral and cyber pandemics in history simultaneously.

As the new COVID-19 started to kill millions of people across the world, a breach on IT firm SolarWinds…

Passwords are the keys that open our online world

Passwords have become central to our lives. They are the keys that open the front door to our digital world, from our bank accounts to our communication accounts, our entertainment accounts to our social accounts.

While cyber breaches have increased by 75% in the last two years, Verizon reported 81%…

Julia O'Toole

Founder CEO @Mycena Security Solutions

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